Regarding current 48 group members transferring to and joining KLP48 as its 1st generation members.



Thank you always for your continuous support in the AKB48 Group.

On January 1 this year, the launch of KLP48, based in Kuala Lumpur, was announced and we are currently proceeding with the 1st generation member auditions.


Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), where KLP48 is based, is a multiethnic country and it is a highly captivating area where people of different ethnicities and cultures intertwine.

Due to the following purposes, the 1st generation KLP48 members will be composed of members from existing AKB48 groups and those selected from the local auditions.


・To actively engage in cultural exchange with existing AKB48 groups and to act as a bridge between Japan and Southeast Asia

・To thoroughly convey the appeal of the 48 Group and to lead the group

・Aim to make KLP48 a hit in Asia by singing in various languages including Japanese


We would like to express our gratitude to the members who have announced their participation in KLP48.

At the same time, we will work hard as a management team so that the 1st generation KLP48 members will shine in Asia.

Dear fans, we sincerely ask for your continuous support.


General Producer of the Overseas AKB48 Sister Group

Nariaki Terada